New River Beach Provincial Park

Accommodation: 99 campsites and 4 rustic shelters, Ch-A-lets, forested campsites

Accommodation Style: Electrical, Non-Serviced, Rustic Shelters, Ch-A-lets, Group

Operating Period: May 17, 2024 - September 22, 2024  9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

New River Beach Provincial Park is the perfect spot to camp, admire breathtaking coastal islands and kayak the Bay of Fundy. The beaches and coastal trails at New River Beach abound with spectacular evidence of the natural formation of the bay’s high tides. Wade in the tidal pools, search for crabs, periwinkles, whelks and starfish but remember to leave them and their habitat as you found them. Enjoy the unsupervised saltwater beach, nature’s panorama of offshore islands, fishing boats and wildlife. Gulls, Eider ducks and cormorants… large, lustrous-black seabirds nest offshore and along the two circuits of hiking trails. You’ll find tons of natural history preserved and just waiting to be discovered along the shoreline at New River Beach Provincial Park. Hike the sweeping cliffs on Barnaby Head or walk the boardwalk through the bog and discover bug-eating plants unique to the area and 90-years-old dwarfed Black spruces. Let your creativity inspire you by participating in the annual Sand Sculpture Competition. Or enjoy one of the many recreational activities at the playground, volleyball courts, beaches or trails. Grab a bite to eat at New River Take Out, a friendly-family restaurant also at the park. Leashed pets are welcome in the campground; however, pets are not permitted on the beach. 

A CVA Astro-destination Top Experience

Away from significant light pollution, you will enjoy dark skies with better than Bortle 3 skies, ensuring stargazers and astronomers alike will find the opportunity to view and experience the night sky and all its wonders. 

Bortle Zone: 3

Visual Equipment: 

Visual Equipment Rental Cost: Perfect for: Families, outdoor activities, and stargazers of all levels, including avid astronomers.     Booking details:   Book directly with: CANCELATION POLICY: 

Key celestial events in 2024 season

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