Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Mount Carleton Provincial Park - Certified Dark Sky Preserve

Mount Carleton Provincial Park   Accommodation: Cabins, Non-Serviced, Group Camping

Accommodation Style: 4 different campgrounds and 2 heritage cabin sites.   Operating Period:   
Description: Boasting the highest mountain peak in the Maritimes, Mount Carleton Provincial Park has more than 42,000 acres of pristine Appalachian wilderness waiting to be explored. The mountain is home to more wild animal species than any other part of the province, with at least 100 different types of birds and 30 species of mammals living here. Mount Carleton Provincial Park has 11 hiking trails ranging from easy to very difficult (including a wheelchair-accessible trail at Williams Falls) and four main mountain peaks, each accessible by trail, making hiking a must-do activity for hikers of all levels. (Mount Carleton, 820m (2,690 ft); Mount Head, 792m (2,589 ft); Mount Sagamook, 777m (2,549 ft); and Mount Bailey, 564m (1,850 ft).[7], ) With its year-round access, Mount Carleton Provincial Park’s groomed trails and roads can be enjoyed in all seasons. Whether you’re a cross-country skier, snowshoer, ice-fisher, or snowmobiler, the winter months in this park offer fun for everyone. Our convenience store, Lodge-Café, is open for all your camping needs during camping season. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while surrounded by the serene beauty of nature at the Lode-Café. Mount Carleton Provincial Park is home to 4 campgrounds for campers at every experience level, plus 2 heritage cabin sites.

Heritage Cabins: Nictau Cabins (Pine, Maple, Cedar, Spruce, Ash, Fir) with 2-12 people capacity.   Bathurst Cabins (Raccoon, Otter, Beaver, Porcupine, Bear) have a capacity of 4-9 people and mattresses are included in all cabins. There are also bathrooms with showers and a large kitchen, which are common to everyone who rents cabins. Armstrong Campground: Mount Carleton’s largest campground with 88 sites for trailers and tents. This campground boasts spectacular views of Nictau Lake and Mount Sagamook, a pristine beach, washrooms, showers, dry toilets, a kitchen shelter, and a dumping station for trailers. Williams and Franklin Campgrounds: There are 17 large, secluded tent sites on both sides of Nictau Lake. Dry toilets, garbage bins, and recycling bins are included. Group Camping: This site can accommodate up to 75 campers and includes a kitchen shelter, garbage and recycling bins and water (hand pump). Headwaters Campground: For a more extreme camping experience, hike partway up Mount Carleton Trail. There are four sites, with pit toilets and tree food storage as on-site amenities.

A CVA Astro-destination Top Experience

Designated Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Mount Carleton Provincial Park is committed to protecting and preserving the night sky by reducing light pollution and energy consumption to maintain dark skies and promote star and planet gazing on clear nights. Whether you are star gazing or astroimaging, astronomers of all levels are sure to enjoy beautiful dark skies full of stars thoroughly.

Bortle Zone: Bortle 1

Visual Equipment: 

Visual Equipment Rental Cost: Perfect for beginner to advanced astronomers, astrophotography, nightscape, couples and nature lovers. 

Booking details: PRICING AND RESERVATION PROCESS (POLICIES) Book directly with: , (506) 235-0793 .


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