Long Lake Adventures


 Accommodation: All of our cabins are located on the private northwestern shore of Long Lake, near it’s outlet, to give our guests the best view of our little piece of natural paradise

Accommodation Style: Collett Cottage - 4 guests, Camp Six - 5 to 6 guests, Camp One - 6 to 8 guests, Willie’s Bunkhouse - 7 guests, Log Camp - 8 guests, Marven’s Hideaway - 8 to 10 guests, Island Oasis                            

Operating Period: Seasonal May - November

Description: Long Lake Adventures is New Brunswick’s top-tier outfitter, providing their guests with one of the province's most unique outdoor adventure experiences. Perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, whether looking to fish, hunt, ATV, boat, kayak, hike, splash on the water trampoline, or relax by the beach, Long Lake Adventures offers true New Brunswick vacations and outdoor experiences for all family members in a peaceful environment surrounded by wilderness. Its truly dark skies will delight astronomers, star watchers and astrophotographers alike. The exclusive and remote location gives you a sense of peacefulness and a connectedness to nature that can’t be found just anywhere. With 3 privately leased lakes, their secluded escape provides the perfect piece of paradise to let out your inner adventurer, even if you don’t hunt or fish! All of our cabins and cottages have the following features: Electric fridge, propane range, Pots, pans, utensils, tableware, glasses, cups, etc., along with dish detergent, Propane Barbecue, Electric lights, Pillows and pillowcases, blankets for extra warmth, Running water. We do not provide bed linens, so we ask that every person brings a sleeping bag.

Island Oasis: Our remote location is completely off-grid and includes one queen size bed, all bedding, dishes, propane, firewood included hot and cold running water, an Outdoor kitchen, and boat included if needed, Outdoor rainfall shower and incinerating toilet.

 A CVA Astro-destination Top Experience


Away from significant light pollution, Long Lake Adventures offers the ideal setting for stargazing. Bortle skies better than 3 provides the perfect dark sky experience for astronomers and astrophotographers of all levels. Experiencing the night sky views while sitting with family and friends, the peaceful tranquillity of Long Lake Adventures will provide a perfect stargazing getaway for couples, families or large groups.
Bortle Zone: better than 3

Visual Equipment: 10 x 50 Binos

Visual Equipment Rental Cost:  No cost Perfect for Beginners to advanced astronomers, astrophotographers, nightscape and Milky Way photographers, couples, and nature lovers. Booking details: PRICING AND RESERVATION PROCESS (POLICIES) 30% refundable deposit is required at booking.   Book directly with: https://www.longlakeadventures.com/home  and mention Cliff Valley Astronomy CANCELATION POLICY: 

Key celestial events in 2024 season

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