Deep Sky Eye Observatory - Quinan, NS

Accommodations: 4
Accommodation Style: 2 x Sky Bubble (2 ppl), One Family Sky Bubble (4ppl) and one Cabin(4ppl).
Operating Period: Sky Bubble: June 1st – August 31st. Cabin: Year round
Description: If you are a serious astronomer or star gazer or new to looking at the night sky, you’ll be impressed with both the dark-sky quality of Southwest Nova Scotia and the astronomy offerings of Deep Sky Eye Observatory. The observatory is located in the rural village of Quinan, just 30min from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  The region is the home to North America’s only Starlight Tourist Destination and Reserve awarded by the Starlight Foundation from Spain. The grounds include a cabin, 2 couple’s sky bubble domes, a family sky bubble, and an observatory housing multiple telescopes. Notably: Celestron 14” Edge HD a 16” Skywatcher Goto Dobsonian, & Astrophysics Super Planetary refractor.  These scopes are part of the ‘Nocturnal Sky Experiences’ for a nominal cost which is well worth the value as participants will enjoy spectacular views of celestial objects. One of the best astrotourism you can experience in Atlantic Canada.
The cabin provides a great choice for a couple. It works also with the pullout and a loft area for an additional couple of kids. Also perfect for family vacations and adventures is the family sky-bubble that accommodates four people in two large queen beds. You'll enjoy the show as you gaze through the bubble's rooftop window as view the night sky with the beauties of stars and the Milky Way. This unique feature is also available for the couple's sky-bubble which provides a unique romantic experience just for two. All accommodations provide complete amenities within or nearby for a truly remarkable experience in the Acadian Skies & Mi’kmaq Lands region of Nova Scotia. 

A CVA Astro-destination Top Experience

Astro-strengths: Located in Nova Scotia's most attractive astrotourism region, Deep Sky Eye Observatory offers avid stargazers of all levels the opportunity to view and experience the night sky like never before. A powerful observatory, numerous telescopes and equipment provide a complete way to experience astronomy's rewarding target viewing. The two sky bubbles offer an unparalleled naked-eye view of the night sky in pristine dark conditions which provides the perfect way to fall asleep. Your Nocturnal Sky Theater guide, Tim Doucette is an accomplished astronomer, astrophotographer and a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Halifax Centre.

Bortle Zone: 2

Nearby Dark-sky certified sites: Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site(RASC Dark-sky Preserve. Starlight Foundation designated Starlight Tourist Destination and Starlight Foundation Dark-sky Reserve.)

Look for the Starlight Festival from September 17-23, 2023 as it makes its long-awaited return since 2019 due to the Covid pandemic. This is a must-do event for avid stargazers from all over the Maritimes!

Visual Equipment: Various equipment provided by the guide.

Visual Equipment Rental Cost: Guided night sky tours (additional cost). Ask for Nocturnal Sky Theater and other offerings. Price varies by experience.

Perfect for: Beginner to advance astronomers, astrophotography, nightscape and Milky Way photography, couples and nature lovers.

Booking details: Sky cabin: $260/night plus taxes & fees. Discount available for additional nights. Couple’s Sky-bubble: $209/night plus taxes & fees. Discount available for additional nights. Family Sky-bubble: $229/night plus taxes & fees. Discount available for additional nights.

Email for booking confirmation and payment. Major credit cards and e-transfers are accepted.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Sky Bubble: You may cancel or reschedule your reservation up to “2” days before your scheduled arrival time for a refund of the purchase price minus a $ 25+ tax administrative fee.  Sky Cabin: You may cancel or reschedule your reservation up to 7 days before your scheduled arrival time for a refund of the purchase price minus a $25+tax administrative fee.  Nocturnal Sky Theatre:  24 hours before the event for a full refund. Refunds will only be issued the day of the event if cancelled by Deep Sky Eye in cases such as bad weather.

Key celestial events for the 2023 season


  • June 3 – Mars & Messier 44      
  • June 9 – Saturn & Moon      
  • June 14 – Jupiter & Moon      
  • June 21 – Venus, Mars & Moon      
  • July 7 – Saturn & Moon      
  • July 11 – Jupiter & Moon      
  • August 8 – Jupiter & Moon      
  • August 30 – Saturn & Moon      
  • September 16 – Mars & Moon      
  • September 27 – Saturn & Moon

Meteor Showers

  • Night of July 28-29 Delta Aquarids (approximately 20/hr in the south to SW sky)      
  • Night of August 12-13 Perseids (approximately 100/hr in the north to NE sky to the right of Capella star)